GenOMICC Study

What is GenOMICC?

GenOMICC (Genetics Of Mortality In Critical Care) is research study run by doctors and scientists who are working together to find new treatments for life-threatening diseases. We study the DNA of patients who need critical care because of Covid, sepsis, flu, and many other conditions. We compare their DNA to the rest of the population, to see what genetic factors are different. The genetic discoveries we have made are already helping to find new treatments for Covid.

Could you be a match?

For every critically ill patient who agrees to participate, we need to find a match – someone from a similar background who hasn’t been critically ill with the same disease. Already, patients in intensive care have agreed to join this research. We need to find a match for every single one of them.

Ideally, we need those people who were mildly affected to closely match the age, ethnicity and place of residence of people who were severely affected.

Take part

If you register using the form below, we will hold your details securely. If we find that you are a good match for a patient who has been included in the study either now or in future, we will contact you and ask for you to sign a consent form and give us a sample of your DNA, which could be either from a blood sample taken by a nurse, or a sample of your saliva. We will keep your contact details for a maximum of 10 years, or until you ask us to delete them.


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If you would like further details on how we use your data, please visit our: privacy notice for research participants